Schedule and Super Cool Events


Friday, April 14: Orientation Weekend begins

Come meet your fellow information empire builders in our private Slack group. You'll have a questionnaire to fill out so that you and I know the best place for you to start inside the course. We'll have a few chats in our community over the weekend, and you will make friends with other creative humans.

Wednesday, April 19: The Business School for Humans™ Officially Opens and You Will Have Access to Your Courses

Wooooo hoo. This will be an epic, exciting day in which (if you're like me), you'll be tempted to click around, download everything possible and binge watch lessons and tutorials. I can't judge you if you decide to do that, but you'll also have a clear picture (through the quiz you took and its results) of where you need to be in the program and what your ideal next steps are. And don't worry. You keep lifetime access to the course materials.

Wednesday, April 26: Scale Session-Backend Bliss for Your Business (with a guest host)

Our group coaching call will be all about the systems that actually matter for your online business. Our guest host (a systems guru) will take you through how to get organized so that you can run a 1-person team, or a slightly larger team in a sustainable, scalable way.

Friday, April 28 - Sunday, April 30: The eBook Publishing Master Weekend

In our lock-in, you will discover the many options available to you when it comes to publishing an eBook (or audio book!), and you will get step-by-step walkthroughs of how to put your book together and get it listed for sale in the best channels for you (Kindle, your website, etc.).

May - September: One Lock-In and One Actionable Group Coaching Call each Month

You can check out the topics of these events above, and don't worry, if you have to miss one, you will still receive lifetime access to the materials if you were a BYIE member when the call/lock-in occurred.

Who is Build Your Information Empire a truly good fit for?


This experience is built for you if you are creating or expanding an online business that is focused on helping people through teaching or coaching. This program is also well-suited to you if you are a freelancer with a business that helps other humans and you want to begin to offer information products, online events, or expert resources to create passive, scalable income in your business.

This program is not for you if your main goal in starting a business is making "ball out" money. A profitable business will typically flow from good ideas, deep concern for others, and a solid foundation that is actually proven to work in multiple industries, but, success is not guaranteed. There are plenty of other instructors teaching business, courses, and funnels with a heavy focus on how much money you can make, so there may be a program that's a better fit for you.

Build Your Information Empire is for you if you are tired of searching through 1.5 million resources to find one or two actionable tips. Or, if you have purchased a course on these topics in the past that you realized wasn't exactly the best fit for you (we've all made similar mistakes) but you still believe online business really is your thing. You get to try this program risk free for 30 days, but I know the way it is built, the materials it holds from the experience of actually creating several different types of profitable products and businesses, and the community of support will be a life-changer.

This program is not a good fit for you if you have less than two hours per week to devote to building your business. Ideally, you will have 4 hours or more per week/weekend to watch, listen to, or read lessons, then take action on them.

However, if you know that you're busy now, but will for sure have more free time available to you within 30 - 60 days, it may still totally be a great move for you to invest while the price is low and you get access to all the call/lock-in recordings and materials. I only want you to spend money that you know you'll be able to truly get use out of, so please make sure you have a few hours per week available to you.

Oh, and hey. Don't forget the best part. Community, support, feedback, and friends.

Even though we have a dedicated Facebook group for our lock-in weekends, we also have an active Slack community where updates, questions, feedback, and sharing of wins/frustrations/everything happens each day.

You will always have a place to check in, be heard, and help other humans like you.


Build Your Information Empire opens for new member registrations
 on March 21, 2017.

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