You have an enormous idea and passion that will help people.

And you've seen all the courses that say they'll help you make 6 figures from your idea if you'll just follow their specific method. But honestly, you're tired of running around to 1,376 different online sources and just want to actually hone in on the perfect format for your idea, launch your minimum viable product (that sells!), build your email list and audience, then sell your knowledge (as a course, event, book, or coaching program) on autopilot.

Let me tell you a short story that's not really a story. Paying attention to the trends of the moment and "what's hot in online business" can truly be a great thing, but building a solid business foundation--focused on humans--that actually allows you to take advantage of new methods and platforms is way better.

It's time to Build Your Information Empire . . . 
the human way.

Hey there. I'm Regina of I'm obsessed with business and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and I want to be your newest human friend. Why? Because I've been using the Internet to make money for the past 10 years, and the business lessons I've learned through trial + error, traditional education, super non-traditional education, and the experience of helping others is what I live to share. Seriously. 

I've taught 13,000 students online in the past 3 years, and I've taught hundreds of students in person at workshops, courses, and conferences. And get this--what I teach is effective, humanized, and simple. Not in the "it's going to be so easy, any ol' sleazy tactics will work" kinda way, but in the "building a solid foundation is not rocket science, and I can help you do it in 3 - 6 months" kinda way.

I'm launching the Business School for Humans, and I want to invite you to join in on our flagship program called Build Your Information Empire.

You will get an exact prescription of how to build out your idea, brand, audience, products, and humanized sales methods over a 90-day period, and you will receive 6 months of support with monthly "lock-ins" (think of these events as live virtual co-working with friends where we are all working on specific tasks with clarity and accountability), group coaching calls for 6 months straight, lifetime access and updates to all course materials, and a private online community that's hosted on an interactive platform.


Everything Regina produces is just so value-packed, but the lock-in with the live chats is so so motivating. Being in the same hustle mode with awesome people and being able to talk to Regina herself. I literally got more done on my side hustle in that one weekend than I did the previous six months. Highly recommend!
— Angela

What is Build Your Information Empire?

The premium version of our program is 4 guided stages of starting a profitable online business that you want to actually help people through, 6 private workshops (the "lock-ins"), 6 group coaching calls, and 1 constantly buzzing online community of helpful, beautiful humans. P.S. You will have the option of selecting between 3 versions of the program (I'll explain them soon).

How is this different from other online schools?

I don't have a mysterious course outline with vague section titles that leave you unsure of what you will learn. HERE IS THE BLUEPRINT OF EVERY SINGLE LESSON IN THE COURSE PORTIONS OF OUR PROGRAM.

I don't teach you how to build just one type of information product (or service) or only one way to build your list. Putting all of your eggs in one basket is usually not the smartest business move. You will learn how to create courses, events, books, and coaching packages out of your knowledge and passion.

If this program doesn't work for you within the first 30 days, you don't have to handwrite a letter in Latin with a fluorescent Sharpie, on a Tuesday when the moon is high and a crow flies to get a refund. We offer no hassle refunds where you don't have to submit a dissertation and blood sample to qualify.

The tutorial videos in Build Your Information Empire actually take you step-by-step through how to create, launch, and grow your products, email list, funnels, and more.

What are the 4 guided stages of BYIE?


Stage 1: Launch Your (online) business Already

In this stage, you will decide on the perfect niche for your passions (through a quiz, activity, and list of over 1100 niches), learn how to find and engage with your ideal audience, launch a beautiful website or blog, choose one of four epic content models, learn how to choose a profitable business model, and build a minimum viable product for your business that you can start selling.

Psst. This whole entire course is actually free to you starting March 28. Yes. I'm serious. You can take the first few lessons free now with the button below.

Why would I give this $500 course away for free? Because I believe you have the best idea of where you are in the process--and if that place is figuring out what you want to do, and getting a solid foundation set, then I want you to have an epic course through which you can invest time in your dream. You will be able to see that your dream is actually real and exciting, then you will be able to invest your hard-earned dollars in the education and experience available in the rest of our program.


Stage 2: Build Your List (and Audience) Already

Now that you have an attractive brand, website, and first product offering or idea, we will move on to truly validating your idea while building the right audience for your brand. In this stage, you will learn how to:

  • build several engaging "audience magnets" (or lead magnets) such as quizzes, mini-courses, and PDF workbooks
  • create epic resources you can use to delight your audience and build your list such as video series, challenges, and virtual office hours
  • design and develop beautiful graphic templates for your blog posts, Twitter share images, infographics, and social media graphics
  • create amazing templates for your eBook covers, product and content mockups, slides and presentations, and media kits (you'll even get a free template to start with)
  • take your own amazing photos with your DSLR or phone camera (taught by a co-host and friend)
  • edit and use your own photos to grow your brand online
  • set up your site so that human visitors will be motivated to sign up for your email list
  • write an amazing email list welcome series (that helps people get to know and love you)
  • create "read magnets" (which are upgrades to your content that people can sign up for)
  • use the power of pre-existing online groups to grow
  • start your own engaged online group
  • write your first pitch to an influencer
  • craft a high-converting email course
  • host your first epic giveaway to grow your list drastically
  • use the power of Facebook and Instagram ads
  • learn how to live stream on social media in a way that increases your list, helps you test out potential products, and sell


Yes, we still have two more stages to talk about, plus the lock-ins, group coaching calls, and other epicness, but let's take a quick break to note something:

Stage 3: Create Your Course Already, host your event already, and/or self-publish your book already

Is it time to create your profitable online course already?
How to host profitable online events and grow your audience at the same time
How to self-publish your own books from scratch, as a business model

This stage of our program is one of the most exciting. You will get access to all three of these insanely valuable courses. It's possible to create full-time income from just one form of information product, but I'm sharing with you multiple ways because it makes good business sense to not rely on income from a single product to be exactly as you predict each month.

I'm excited to show you how I successfully created and published my own books for a full-time income (back before I had an email list--I was teaching classes in person), how I launched my first paid online courses, and all the courses since, and how I regularly host online events that sell out (if there are registration limits).

I want to share these lessons with you because I believe courses, events, and books apply to every information industry. I've had students who teach poker, clean eating, shifting your mindset in relationships, social media, and more.

Stage 4: Launch Your Funnel Already

How to create sales funnels that convert, humans
Formerly Content Funnel Cake and Funnels With Friends, this course is now even more packed than ever

This is the most insanely helpful course on funnels you can imagine. It is the ultimate resource on using sales funnels in a humanized way. I created it because being able to sell books, courses, and services through an automated sequence of resources and emails is something that has reduced a lot of stress in my life and in those of the other humans I've helped with funnels.

I now know for a fact that even introverts like myself can sell well on autopilot without sacrificing the humanized element of our brands. This course includes a:

  • 10-day program with clear steps to follow
  • library of over 45 example funnels (fully illustrated for you)
  • set of 6 video tutorial/video sessions to help you through the material
  • exact scripts (literally, the word-for-word emails) of one of my best-selling funnels ever


Here are just a few of the resources in the course:

Want to start building sales funnels that feel good and work well?

So, the four stages above serve as the foundation of Build Your Information Empire, but let's talk about the additional growth tools you get.

During the EPIC Business Lock-In I created a new product, new optin, upgraded my messaging and basically did my planning for 2017. Hands down, my most valuable investment this year. Not only was the content deep yet actionable, the community spirit and support was empowering and inspiring. Regina Anaejionu’s generous spirit, online savvy realness draw the most amazing people to her. Don’t miss out.
— Dina

If you register before April 8, you get to attend six live lock-ins (virtual, group co-working and action-oriented lessons). One per month, April - September of 2017.

Time for a masterclass on publishing your own eBooks
How to set up your online coaching business and systems
How to set up and sell out your online events

Each Epic Business Lock-In™ is a chance to work on a single goal, for an entire weekend, with your newest group of human friends.


These events cost and average of $149 or more each, individually. But all 6 lock-ins are included when you register before April 8. If you register after April 8, Build Your Information Empire (BYIE) will still be available, but you will not get access to the live lock-in during April or the group coaching call during April. You will however get access to the 5 remaining lock-ins and 5 group coaching calls held every month between May and September of 2017. You can pay $194 (as a BYIE member only; the price is higher for non-members) for separate access to April's lock-in and coaching call if you miss the April 8 deadline.


Each Scale Session (group coaching call) is conducted live on the topics below. You will get a chance to ask any questions you have, and you'll get a recording to review if you had to miss the call.

How to get proper systems in place for your business
How to make the hiring decision
Running in-person events

P.S. Recordings are only available to active BYIE members at the time of the call--you do not get recordings of calls or get access to lock-ins that occurred before you registered for the program, but they can be purchased at a discount. Having lifetime access to all 6 of the lock-ins and group calls is the benefit of registering early.