Ever since my first accidental sales webinar, I've been learning how to create humanized events that make great profits.

In January of 2015 I accidentally stumbled upon something epic. I had been delivering online workshops and webinars solely to share great information that people could use immediately . . . and one day, I was doing just that, except I added something slightly different without thinking much about it.

I was hosting a workshop on how to create workbooks and other digital downloads using Apple Pages '09--you can still catch the webinar here for free. I felt bad for people because I knew it was going to take me at least an hour to show the features of the program I wanted to show.

So, I set up a special discount code for anyone watching who wanted to buy one of my eBooks (on social media, on brand identity, etc.). I thought, "It's the least I can do for these lovely people sticking with me for a 60-minute event." P.S. Now my free workshops regularly run over 3 hours.

Something crazy happened to my sales the day of the webinar and for a few days after while people were watching the replay. I made more than an extra $500 in one evening from eBooks that had been available for sale for months.

How to sell on webinars without being sleazy

Since I was working for myself and was my only source of income, this was a big deal to me--perhaps you can relate?

There were a few key things I accidentally did during the webinar (other than offer a discount code) that contributed to so many sales for those few days, and I'll tell you all about them (plus the many things I've learned and done purposely since) during our upcoming Sell With Webinars the Human Way event.

Sell With Webinars the Human Way

A 3-day lock-in experience to help you plan, set up, design, and learn how to promote your first sales webinar.

March 17 - 19
(or you can consume it on your own schedule after March 19)

The problem most people (understandably) have with sales webinars is that the host focuses too much on selling, too much on pressure tactics, and too little on delivering valuable information. I've been tricked into wasting my time on a webinar exactly twice, so I know how it feels. P.S. I left early in both cases but not without being sad over my lost time.

I want to share with you ways that you can craft truly valuable events (since your main concern is adding value to people's lives anyway) and still make really great profits.

I have a few specific methods--that work in any niche--that I've seen contribute majorly to the sales from my first accidental events to webinars that have added over $20,000 to my business by themselves, with no sleazy tactics involved.

You won't have to create fake scarcity, invent offers that expire in 37 seconds, or any of the things that make you do a major eye roll when you think about them.

You can sell through webinars and workshops in non-sleazy ways

One thing I can assure you is true for entrepreneurs who want to run profitable webinars or workshops . . .

Focusing on how to humanize every experience for your audience is the best way to build a long-term, sustainable online business that matters.
And the most rewarding way to make money.

Teaching workshops can be fun and present a lot of brand benefits to you

This comes from the experience of teaching over 50 live workshops in 2015 and 2016, and never once having to feel bad about what the humans watching walked away with, or having to feel icky during the events I sold my eBooks, other events, and courses at.

But, why workshops and webinars?

If you're a little bit skeptical of the value of creating online workshops, let me present a few reasons they can add to your business and brand significantly.


1. workshops Help people to see you as a teacher and an expert in your niche. 

A great workshop topic, attractive graphics to support your event, a simple sign up process, and a helpful agenda/worksheet to go along with it and you will seem professional, experienced, and amazing.

This impression goes a long way whether you’re providing services, trying to line up speaking opportunities, or creating information products, membership programs, or coaching/mastermind groups.


2. Webinars and live trainings cause you to create actionable worksheets, tips, and content that you'll always have on hand.

This will help you see if you even have enough material, information, etc. to create a full course/program out of your topic, or if it might be better as a book, or if it should be a one-on-one service, or be left alone as a workshop, or abandoned completely, or done as a collaboration, or made into a group program, etc.


3. workshops Allow you to have more personal, more in-depth Q+A sessions with your audience.

While other people only send surveys, or simply try to guess what their audience wants and needs, you will be creating live events with people asking/interacting/learning in a fun environment. It’s more valuable for them and more valuable for you. They get their questions answered live and you get way more feedback or input that you can apply to a paid product or service.

Listening carefully to the people you want to help will often bring about ideas for the exact words to use and the exact way to frame your paid products to build a better item and get better sales results.


4. Webinars allow you to sell your other services and products.

As is one of the main topics of our upcoming virtual "lock-in" . . . webinars and workshops can be one of the highest converting, highest earning ways you sell. And, with the clever and non-icky repackaging tips I'll share with you during our lock-in, your webinar doesn't have to just be a one-time event--it can create income for you consistently.


5. Workshops and masterclasses help you create a larger product or series as you go. 

Instead of planning one major resource (think course, online school, etc.) and leaving it looming over you, you’re able to plan it and create small sections/modules of it as workshops or webinars. #Brilliant

There are tons more reasons that webinars are a great business strategy to consider (even for introverts like me), and I want to share those with you, plus help you avoid some of the many silly things I've done, but take advantage of the methods that have helped me grow.

The whole purpose of Business School for Humans™ is to encourage you, share information with you, and help you skate you past some of the pitfalls and mistakes I have made in my years of teaching adults, both offline and online, and to help you develop some of the most meaningful, useful, beautiful, and profitable content and products ever known to humans.

As a way to start your off on a better sales journey than I started on, I've developed this lock-in and workshop (and all the accompanying materials) just for you.

What is the syllabus for Sell With Webinars the Human Way?


Happy you asked. Each day of our event you will have access to the tutorials, worksheets, and lessons listed below (and yes, you keep lifetime access), but you will also have the opportunity to join us in our Facebook Group each day for a live chat (at 12 p.m. Central) where you can ask any questions you want to. P.S. If you miss the live chats, don't worry. As long as you are registered, you will receive lifetime access to the materials and you'll be able to review the chats after the fact.


Day One: Friday, March 17

Your lessons and tutorials will help you:

  • plan the purpose of your event and solidify what you want to sell
  • pick the exact workshop topic you will pursue
  • choose from 4 different sales webinars models
  • pick a date and create a prep timeline
  • choose your webinar and email software
  • plan out your webinar emails, collateral, and materials (such as agendas and checklists you may give to your audience)
  • and more

Day two: saturday, March 18

Your lessons and tutorials will help you:

  • create a workshop landing page that engages and excites people
  • outline your event based on the webinar model you chose on Day One
  • understand the one, highest-earning, biggest-difference-maker feature you can build into your humanized sales webinar
  • learn how to use two of the most popular webinar delivery platforms
  • create engaging slides
  • create a presentation that keeps people wide awake and excited to keep going

Note: All of the lock-in lessons will exist in a course dashboard that you keep access to. You can go through the materials from anywhere in the world, at any time using a device and the Internet.

Day three: sunday, March 19

Your lessons and tutorials will help you:

  • set yourself up for sales before, during, and after the event
  • create easy links and an ideal setup the day of
  • learn how to deliver a sales pitch with confidence
  • repackage your workshops to sell on autopilot after the initial recording
  • discover three things you can do after your workshop is done to make the recording insanely valuable to people
  • how to structure humanized sales emails after the workshop
  • and more

You will also receive a pre-event checklist, presenting checklist, and post-event checklist.

Extra goodies you say?

Oh yeah. The first 50 people who register get a free digital copy of my workshop planning workbook. You can always buy a print copy as well.

A workbook for planning your next webinar, workshop, or live training event.

The price of this exciting event is only $149. And seriously, it's worth so much more. As I shared with you in my story of accidental sales webinars, my first "accident" brought in $500 in an evening, and a few hundred more over the next few days. I believe these results are repeatable, but I've learned a lot more since that day and I want to share it with you.


Hey. I forgot to mention.

Everyone who registers for Sell With Webinars the Human Way at the $149 price will receive a $149 off discount code on any package of Build Your Information Empire when it's released later this month. Say what?!

Who is your host?


Hey, human. Regina here.

I guess it makes sense to introduce myself plus give you a little backstory, huh? I am a professional writer (of business books, travel articles, and a blog for introverts) turned online teacher, and I've been making a full-time income online througheverything from freelance design and websites, to selling notepads, t-shirts, and planners online. For the last three years I've been supporting myself (and a few key employees during part of this time) through online courses, events, self-published books, and other information products.

I love this new world of possibility (online information businesses) and I'm passionate about sharing it with you whether you want to teach social media, pottery making, how to converse more epically when you're shy, or how to train your dog at home. Whatever you're passionate about (did I mention I made you a list of 1100+ brand, course, and webinar niches--below), I want to help. 

Selling with webinars and workshops the human way has made a big difference in my business model, and I believe you can use them powerfully too.

Ooh. On a kinda unrelated but kinda related note, want a list of 1100+ niches for you to build your webinars and whole entire business around?


Sometimes the easiest way to select a niche is to have a kid in a candy store moment. Meaning: Until you are reminded of all the candy that exists that you love, you may be tempted to just go with the first one you can remember that you kinda sorta like.

So, if you're not already set on a specific niche, I have a candy store with 1,164 types of candy for you to choose from. In alphabetical order of course. We're not animals around here. This is the Business School for Humans™, duh. Your list will look like the one below:


(7 niches)

You can explore niches such as:

  • collecting antiques
  • finding the best antiques
  • international concerns (duties, shipping, etc.)
  • judging the value of antiques


  • restoring antiques
  • selling antiques at markets
  • selling antiques online

Architecture + Buildings
(12 niches)

Think of niches such as:

  • architecture in Rome
  • architecture in NYC
  • architecture you must see in Europe
  • the best conferences for architects
  • the buildings of a specific architect
  • architectural inspiration


  • architecture examinations
  • Spanish architecture you must see
  • green/sustainable architecture
  • how to get into architecture
  • perfecting your craft
  • top architecture schools


Think of niches such as:

  • fine art
  • modern art
  • art galleries/studios of the world
  • getting started as an artist
  • getting shows as an artist
  • selling your art
  • best art schools
  • self-taught art
  • art inspiration
  • legal concerns for artists
  • art of the Middle East
  • African art
  • frames
  • fashion illustration


  • watercoloring demystified
  • working with oils
  • canvas love
  • vegan art supplies
  • art institutes demystified
  • hanging and displaying art
  • art careers
  • art therapy
  • teaching art
  • writing an art book
  • art for kids
  • art for healing
  • famous artists


Think of niches such as:

  • Recording audio
  • podcasts and podcasting
  • software for audio recording and editing
  • tech and equipment for getting good audio
  • audiobooks
  • audio mixing and mastering
  • audio editing skills and tutorials


  • best speakers and headphones
  • the history of audio
  • troubleshooting audio issues
  • audio for movies
  • audio for live performances
  • audio for conferences and other events
  • audio for silent disco/dance parties

. . . and so forth and so on . . . I'll send you a copy as a PDF for free!

Just sign up with the form below for your free copy, but don't forget to register for our event below while it's at its lowest price ever.